Air Duct Cleaning

All building occupants require a supply of indoor air. Depending on outdoor conditions, the air may be heated or cooled before it is distributed into occupied space.

As outdoor air is drawn into the building, some undesirable pollutants such as dust, loose insulation debris, bacteria, soot and dirt are also drawn into the HVAC system and find their way into occupied space.

This results in situations where irregardless of the fancy building architecture, the moment building occupants enter the building they start sneezing, have sore eyes and other forms of discomfort. When they get out of the building, they are fine. This is because the building itself is sick because of contaminants in the indoor air. This is referred to as the  sick building syndrome.

We regularly clean floors, upholstery, office desks, hospital walls and drapery but……..DO WE CLEAN OUR DUCTS?

Why not….

  • Out of sight out of mind
  • We often think that heating and cooling contractors take care of ALL air conditioning issues. This is not true. Heating and cooling contractors take care of the technical aspects of your HVAC system. They do not clean ducts.

At SAFETY KING we clean air ducts. That’s all we do. The quality of your indoor air is our passion.

  • Some building managers are not yet aware that air ducts must be cleaned.
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