Air Duct and Specialised
Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Specialised Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Solutions

At Safety King we thrive to deliver the highest quality of work related to Industrial and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning and other complex cleaning tasks.

Sick building syndrome, which is the combination of ailments associated with an individual ‘s place of work, is a threat to the overall health and safety environment in the workplace.

Air Duct Cleaning and beam and wall cleaning ensures a safe and dust free work environment.

Sick building is caused by flaws in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Other causes of sick building are toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Safety King offers a solution aimed at removing contaminants from all HVAC components by applying anti microbial treatments.

Safety King is a company that specializes in offering advanced industrial and commercial cleaning solutions that go way beyond feather duster and broom cleaning. We offer our services throughout Southern Africa.

We have the expertise to tackle, to mention just a few, factory dust, dust in air ducts, factory wall, silo cleaning and high rise window cleaning.

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